Find the person who fits your team not just fill a role

Employee Recruitment

We are not a recruitment business, we specialise in guiding our business owner clients across our 5 areas of focus, direction & strategy, product, people, systems & process and financial & risk.

This is why we are good at recruiting employees to key roles within your business, we understand what you need.

Traditional Recruitment

Traditional recruitment firms take your job description and simply match it against their database of potential candidates identifying any that may fit the role.

They then pass them on for you to interview and hire.

For this, they will charge you a fee of 15% – 30% of the candidate’s salary (incentivising the more expensive candidate over value)

They will offer a guarantee of 3 months which just covers the honeymoon period, if a candidate is not a good fit and you part ways you might get credit with their agency.

Our Process

We start by having a detailed conversation with you to understand not just the role you are hiring for but also who is going to be a good fit for your organisation. If possible and appropriate we will talk to other team members to understand what type of a person they would best work with.

We then go to market in search of appropriate candidates focussing not just on people who have specific experience but also on those with transferable skills. This will include both the typical advertisements as well as active search and approach good matches.

Once we have identified the candidates we go through a process of interviewing and testing including where appropriate personality-based assessments.

After all of this, we pass on candidates that we see as a fit for the role and your organisation to you.

Our Guarantee and Fee Structure

Because of our unique process, we have a structured fixed fee of $18,000 + GST broken into 3 payments and effectively guaranteed at two levels.

In order to commence the process we require an upfront payment of $6,000+ GST, this covers us for the process we are about to undertake.

We then have our initial success fee of $6,000+ GST when a candidate is successfully engaged by you.

Finally, we have our 12-month success fee being the final $6,000+ GST after the candidate has been with you for 12 months.

Nationally 35% of new recruits will leave in the first 12 months of employment. We back our work by not saying if a candidate does not remain past their probation period we will give you a credit; instead, we do not ask for payment of the final fee until the team member has passed this crucial period with you.

To talk to us about recruiting your next staff member either book a discovery call or fill out our enquiry form below and we will be in touch.