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Coaches, Consultants and 19eighty: Striking the balance for business success.

Published on May 2, 2024

Setting the Standard: Distinguishing Business Coaches, Consultants, and the Unique Approach of 19eighty Advisory

As a business owner, the path towards success is often paved with obstacles. Successfully navigating these challenges requires an understanding of the business landscape, strategic decision-making, and continuous evolution. Often, businesses seek external assistance to guide them on this path – typically opting for either business coaches or consultants. However, 19eighty Advisory has crafted a unique approach that sets it apart from traditional coaching and consulting services.

Business Coaches – Guiding Your Journey:
Business coaches primarily act as personal trainers for business owners, providing guidance, support, and fostering personal and professional development. Their role is akin to a sports coach, offering insights and advice from the sidelines. Business coaches focus on individual growth and goal-setting, aiming to empower business owners to make informed decisions. However, their involvement tends to be limited, and their experience varies, with not all coaches having successfully run a business themselves.

Business Consultants – Offering In-Depth Analysis:
Unlike coaches, business consultants provide a more comprehensive, project-based approach. They delve into the heart of business operations, analyzing specific areas and developing tailored strategies. Consultants often specialize in particular aspects such as software implementation, employee incentives, or product profitability. Their role is to provide actionable solutions to specific business challenges, often on a short-term project basis.

19eighty Advisory – The Best of Both Worlds:
19eighty Advisory transcends the traditional boundaries of business coaching and consulting, offering a unique blend of both approaches. As opposed to merely guiding from the sidelines or working on short-term projects, this team becomes an integral part of your business journey.

With 19eighty Advisory, you gain a partner who takes a comprehensive, ‘whole-of-business’ approach. They recognize that a successful business is not just about optimizing one area but achieving a seamless balance across all aspects. From strategy and planning to product profitability and employee management, their approach ensures that every facet of your business is considered and optimized.

Moreover, the 19eighty Advisory team brings a wealth of hands-on business experience and success. They not only provide sound advice but also help implement recommended strategies, ensuring that you see tangible results.


Navigating “The Growth Knot”:
One of the critical aspects that 19eighty Advisory excels in is navigating the intricacies of business expansion or “The Growth Knot”. The Growth Knot signifies the complex phases of business growth, where businesses often face challenges. With 19eighty’s deep understanding of this concept, they provide targeted solutions and strategies to help businesses overcome these hurdles and achieve sustainable growth.

Your Strategic Business Partner:
In conclusion, while business coaches and consultants play crucial roles in business development and improvement, 19eighty Advisory offers a unique, comprehensive approach that sets it apart. Their combination of coaching, consulting, and hands-on implementation paves the way for a balanced, successful business. So, if you’re a business owner seeking a strategic partner for sustainable growth, 19eighty Advisory is the ideal choice.


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